Welcome to our newly updated website!

The fresh new look is easier to navigate, so finding information about hepatitis or how to get help is even simpler. Some of the new features you'll find on the site are:

Personal stories

Personal stories about hepatitis are powerful and can help people understand what it is like to have hepatitis. So, we have introduced a new section for people to share their stories of living with hepatitis, and curing hepatitis C. You can read about other people's experiences with viral hepatitis or share your own. 

Up-to-date statistical information

There's a lot of stats out there and some of them can be hard to understand. We've made this a bit easier. You can find a summary of key statistics drawn from the latest surveillance reports from around Australia. 

ReadSpeaker Listening software

Being able to hear what is on a webpage can be useful for many people. Whether it is impaired vision, or you just don't want to keep your eyes on the screen, now you can use the 'listen' button in the top right-hand corner of the website to hear any page on the website read out loud. 

Links to clinical guidelines for hepatitis B and hepatitis C

Medical professionals should be able to find the latest clinical guidelines quickly and easily. You can now follow links to the latest guiding documents on diagnosing, monitoring, and treating hepatitis B and C directly from our website.

...and everything else

There's plenty more on the website including in-depth information about hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and how to get help for yourself or anyone else with hepatitis. As with the previous site, you can read about our organisation, find the latest hepatitis news and read our media releases. 

If you come across any issues, can't find some information, or just want to let us know how much you love the new site, you can contact us here:

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