World Hepatitis Day is on 28 July.

In 2024 the national theme is It’s time for action, reminding us that we need to be proactive and act on viral hepatitis. 

This World Hepatitis Day, it’s time for action.


#TakeActionAustralia for #WorldHepatitisDay

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How you can support World Hepatitis Day:

  1. Download our Social Media Toolkit and share on social media
  2. Build your own using our Canva templates: Health Messages Template or Australian Places Template
  3. Join or host a World Hepatitis Day event
  4. Share your photos or messages using #TakeActionAustralia for #WorldHepatitisDay

We will be adding tools and templates over the coming weeks, including newsletter templates, media releases and a downloadable video. 

Find out more about upcoming events, and how to get involved at:

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