The Inaugural 2022 Research Showcase

Win $250 USD for sharing your research with the community is a global, peer-led, volunteer-driven online forum to support those affected by hepatitis B. We facilitate peer networking and to link the affected community to trustworthy scientific and medical expertise.

Description of the showcase

We want the affected community to be as excited as you are about the cutting-edge research being done by the scientific community.

We are inviting researchers in hepatitis B to showcase their research on We aim to encourage greater dialogue between the scientific and affected communities.

We welcome research of all kinds: basic, translational, clinical, public health, social science, etc.

The exact post format is up to you; we want to see your creativity. Text, pictures, video, gifs, memes, whatever will be most engaging to the broad audience of users.

The most important points are that posts should be comprehendible to non-experts and should answer key things about the research: why is it important/exciting, how you do it, and what will it mean for the community?

Researchers find out how to win $250

Win $100 USD by learning more about Hepatitis B research

You will have the opportunity to ask researchers questions about their research. The best questions will be in the running to win a $100 USD gift card.

Forum members will also be able to cast votes to decide on the most engaging researchers, who will have the chance at winning a $250 USD gift card.

Contribute to the forum to win $100

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