Hepatitis Australia is proud to support the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign coordinated by the Australian Human Rights Commission. Racism is more than just harmful words or individual actions. It includes biases in our society, its laws, institutions and ways of thinking. 

The purpose of the Racism. Its Stops With Me Campaign is to: 

  • Increase awareness and understanding of racism at the interpersonal, institutional and systemic level across Australia 
  • Equip more Australians with the tools to engage in active anti-racism 
  • Create safer and more inclusive workplaces for First Nations people and people from culturally, linguistically and ethnically diverse communities 

Racism is a significant barrier to the elimination of hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and which has been recently recognised in the draft new Fourth National Hepatitis B Strategy 2023-2030, and the Sixth National Hepatitis C Strategy 2023-2030,.   

Hepatitis Australia is committed to listening, learning and taking action. We are committed to standing together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and culturally, linguistically and ethnically diverse communities to ensure the principles of inclusion, equity and leaving no one behind are embedded in our work.  

No matter how challenging the conversation, we need to talk about racism and the causes of inequality. By taking a stand against racism, we can build a fair and equal society – for all.  

Racism. It Stops With Me. 

September 2023