Source: The Lancet. Author: Prof Graham S Cooke, FRCP; Isabelle Andrieux-Meyer, MD; Tanya L Applegate, PhD; Prof Rifat Atun, FRCP; Jessica R Burry, MSc; Prof Hugo Cheinquer, MD; et al.

Executive Summary

Viral hepatitis is a major threat to public health and a leading cause of death worldwide. Each year, viral hepatitis kills 1.34 million people, which is comparable with deaths due to HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. With the advent of highly effective prevention measures and treatments, global elimination of viral hepatitis is a realistic goal; all WHO member states have committed to a global reduction in hepatitis-related deaths by 65% and new infections by 90% by 2030. This Commission sets out to appraise the current global situation and to identify priorities—for countries, regions, and globally—to accelerate efforts towards these ambitious targets.

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