The Motivate C project, led by the University of Sydney, is studying whether the offer of a cash incentive will encourage people to take up hepatitis C treatment in primary care.

Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus which, if left untreated, can have serious effects on an individual’s health including cirrhosis and liver cancer. Despite the availability of safe, effective, and affordable tablet cures for hepatitis C in Australia, modelling from the Kirby Institute has estimated that only 7 percent of the 123 770 Australians living with chronic hepatitis C received treatment during 2020.  

The Motivate C project aims to encourage the many Australians living with hepatitis C to seek treatment through their community healthcare providers.

Adults with hepatitis C and who haven’t received hep C treatment in the past 6 months can take part in the project. Participants self-register for this study and will be connected with a treatment navigator to guide them through all study procedures.  All participants will be provided with a compensation payment for their time. Additionally, participants may be randomly assigned to receive a reward payment for commencing hepatitis C therapy.

GPs are critical to the success of the Motivate C project. They can help by identifying eligible participants and letting them know about the project.  For more information, please see

The University of Sydney is leading this national project in collaboration with researchers, healthcare providers and GP experts within the hepatitis C field. Funding for the project is provided by the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund. The Motivate C study is approved by the Sydney Local Health District Human Research Ethics Committee (2022/ETH01681) and is now recruiting participants from May 2023. 

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