is a free, accessible, and discreet HIV self-testing kit delivery service that provides one year’s worth of HIV self-testing kits to people living in Australia aged over 18 years.

To order your kit, all you need to do is provide a name, an address, a contact email, and your age. Your kit will then be delivered in a discreet, unidentifiable express post package through Australia Post.

Find out more. is a joint project between the National Association of people with HIV Australia (NAPWHA) and Queensland Positive People (QPP). The program brings together community and industry to reduce barriers to HIV testing nationally. This national HIV self-testing program will allow individuals to utilise an online ordering system to receive one year (four test-kits) of HIV self-testing kits to be delivered to their preferred address at no cost.

The program will increase access to, awareness of, and confidence in, HIV self-testing. Recent changes in Therapeutic Goods Administration regulations allow for HIV self-testing kits to be purchased in Australian pharmacies, with a retail cost of around $35. This
change in regulation provides a unique opportunity to promote and distribute HIV self-tests. The Australian COVID-19 response has seen self-testing become normalised and familiarity with self-testing kits is high within the Australian population. During this same period HIV testing rates fell and are yet to reach pre-COVID-19 numbers.