Hepatitis Australia regularly lodges submissions to various government enquiries and other committees and groups who inform national policy. Once submitted and accepted we post our submissions so they are publicly accessible whenever possible.  Below are our most recent submissions

2022 - 2023 Federal Pre-Budget Submission

Hepatitis Australia lodged this submission in January 2022. Hepatitis Australia is calling on the Australian Government to invest in three priorities in the 2022-2023 Federal Budget:

  1. Continue to resource the implementation of the five National Blood Borne Virus and Sexually Transmissible Infections Strategies (including the National Hepatitis B and National Hepatitis C Strategy), consistent with Australian Government implementation expenditure to date.
  2. Maintain Australia’s National Hepatitis Infoline to ensure 360,000 Australians have access to a single point of contact for timely, confidential and non-stigmatising hepatitis information, community-based support and referral.
  3. Establish an Australian hepatitis B-specific community workforce to ‘catch-up’ to achieve the national elimination targets

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Submission to inform the Australian Cancer Plan 2023-2033

Hepatitis Australia lodged this submission in February 2022. Hepatitis Australia is calling for the Australian Cancer Plan to identify liver cancer as a priority focus area. This requires the inclusion of relevant national strategies (i.e. the National Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Strategies 2023-2030 and the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Bloodborne Viruses and Sexually Transmissible Infections Strategy 2023-2030) in a detailed national policy context, linkage between relevant national governance structures, and specific two, five and 10 year actions.

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Submission to the Primary Care 10 Year Plan

Hepatitis Australia provided this submission to the consultation survey on the Primary Health Care 10 Year Plan. The submission includes advice to include communicable disease in the plan, and ensure the plan supports marginalised populations to achieve equitable health outcomes.  

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Submission to the MRFF Australian Medical Research and Innovation Strategy and Priorities consultation

Hepatitis Australia coordinated the submission of multiple separate expert submissions from individual researchers, research centres, and community organisations for the prioritisation of viral hepatitis in the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) consultation and the elevation of our shared goal of viral hepatitis elimination by 2030.

Attached is a copy of Hepatitis Australia’s submission.

Download a copy of our submission

Page updated: 27/10/22