Thank you for your unwavering support in making Australia's Biggest Quiz a resounding success.

Together, we are making great strides towards Australia becoming the first country in the world to eliminate hepatitis C.

History is unfolding and you are part of it. Australia’s Biggest Quiz is the first national public health campaign pitched at a general target audience around viral 
hepatitis in Australia.

Over the past two years, our campaign has been instrumental in spreading the message that a fast, affordable, and accessible cure for hepatitis C exists in Australia. In 2022, our quiz reached over 2 million Aussies in one night, increasing awareness of the cure by 85% among participants. And earlier this year, Trivia May-hem captivated the nation, with 30,000 attendees at physical events and millions reached digitally and through the media.

With your continued support, we are poised to become the first country in the world to eliminate hepatitis C. 

Remember if you or someone you know is looking for information or support, the National Hepatitis Infoline provides  confidential, free and localised viral hepatitis information and support services to anyone, anywhere in Australia. Phone 1800 437 222 or visit

Thank you for being a vital part of history. 

Download the Australia's Biggest Quiz 2023 Report.

In Autumn 2023 Trivia May-hem gripped the nation. 

We partnered with Aussie quiz masters Quizzame to bring you over 600 ABQ events in a single month, spanning every corner of Australia. 

The event attracted national media exposure and huge online engagement (including nearly 2,500 online quizzers and half a million views on TikTok!). 

30,000 Aussies attended ABQ events, quizzing their way to hepatitis C elimination and bagging $20,000 in prizes!