World Hepatitis Day 2015 (WHD)

Hepatitis Australia is currently planning the Australian campaign for World Hepatitis Day 2015 (28 July).
 We will be adding more information closer to the time.

For information about local activities you can contact the hepatitis organisation in your state or territory.  You can find their details here.

World Hepatitis Day 2014

World Hepatitis Day in Australia is conducted under the umbrella of the Love your Liver campaign. This five year campaign focuses on raising awareness of viral hepatitis within the context of liver health. The aim of the campaign is to improve knowledge of liver health and viral hepatitis within the general community and create more positive attitudes toward those living with viral hepatitis. 

The theme for World Hepatitis Day in 2014 in Australia is: Liver health check-ups. Love your Liver – Know your Liver

We are aiming to engage people at risk of, or living with hepatitis B and hepatitis C, in conversations about liver health and the value of liver health check-ups. We are also aiming to push for the changes needed within the health system to ensure easier access to regular liver health assessments as a standard part of the care plan for people living with hepatitis B or hepatitis C. 

It is estimated that there are almost a half a million Australians living with hepatitis B or hepatitis C, however many are not yet diagnosed, few are having a regular liver health check-up and treatment rates remain inexcusably low. These factors are leading to an increasing number of people developing complications of serious liver disease. If regular liver health check-ups were a routine part of care for all people with viral hepatitis, action could be taken earlier to help avert many of these complications. 

Supporting World Hepatitis Day

To make World Hepatitis Day as successful as possible, we rely on support from our stakeholders, community organisations and the public. Each year workplaces, individuals, schools and communities across Australia host and/or participate in World Hepatitis events and activities. 

Viral hepatitis is an important issue for all Australians – why not consider hosting your own event or attending an existing one. 

To register your 2014 WHD event - Click here     
To find out what is happening this WHD in your state or territory - Click here 

World Hepatitis Day Resources

To help mark World Hepatitis Day in Australia the following resources have been developed
•    World Hepatitis Day poster 
•    Liver check-up fact sheet (English, Chinese and Vietnamese versions available)
•    Love your Liver branded merchandise, pens, triangle highlighters and flat pouch water bottles (limited number)

To view these resources Click here 

Hard copies and a limited amount of Love your Liver branded merchandise is available from your local hepatitis organisations Click here

Updated 05 May 2015