Tell your story about hepatitis C

 link to start the Hepatitis Australia survey

link to start the Hepatitis Australia survey

Hepatitis Australia encourages people living with or affected by hepatitis C to tell their stories about hepatitis C in Australia. The current Parliamentary Inquiry into Hepatitis C in Australia presents a great opportunity for your story to influence how Australia responds to Hepatitis C.

You can do this by lodging your own submission directly to the Parliamentary Inquiry. However we understand that many people may not be comfortable in doing this for a variety of reasons. To help you get your message across, Hepatitis Australia is writing a submission to the Inquiry and we would love your help.  We want to hear your views and about your experiences. We invite people living with hepatitis C and those close to people with hepatitis C to complete our online survey. The results of which will be incorporated into our submission to the Government committee.  

The survey allows you to tell your story in your own words. The survey asks about your experiences with services (good and bad), how you think things can be improved and whether you have experienced and stigma or discrimination in relation to hepatitis C.

While we will ask you for some information about yourself. This information remains confidential and will not be shared with anyone else, unless it is with your direct consent.

You can start the survey by clicking this link.   Start the Survey

You can also find out more about the inquiry using the links below

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