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Below are reports relevant to viral hepatitis that can be download as PDFs.

Do You C What I C? - National Hepatitis C Needs Assessment 2008    Download Now (PDF 7.5MB)
Hepatitis Australia
The purpose of the National Hepatitis C Needs Assessment (2008) was to identify the education, information and support needs of Australians living with hepatitis C; to inform the development of improved information, education and support services for people with hepatitis C in Australia. This project builds on, and will provide an update to the Needs Assessment conducted by Hepatitis Australia in 2003.


National Hepatitis B Needs Assessment (2008)   Download Now (PDF 1.3MB)
Jack Wallace, Stephen McNally & Jacqui Richmond 
The ACT-HBV (Advancing the Clinical Treatment of Hepatitis B Virus), a group predominately of clinicians, were successful in gaining an unrestricted educational grant to identify the needs of people with chronic hepatitis B. The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (LaTrobe University) undertook the development of the National Hepatitis B Needs Assessment.

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