Hepatitis Australia Position Papers

Hepatitis Australia has developed a series of position papers that provide more detail on each of our National Advocacy priorities.  The papers provide clear messages about the current situation for each priority area, some background and recommend some solutions.

Hepatitis B

1.1 Hepatitis B Testing and Treatment in Relevant Culturally and linguistically Diverse Communities
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1.2 Hepatitis B Testing and Treatment in Australia's Indigenous Communities
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Hepatitis C

2.1 Providing Ready Access to New Hepatitis C Treatments
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2.2 Hepatitis C - Care Pathways
     (In development)

Prevention of Viral Hepatitis

3.2 Access to Needle and Syringe Programs
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3.3 Improving Hepatitis B Vaccination Coverage in Priority Populations
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Consensus Statement: Addressing Hepatitis C in Australian Custodial Settings
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From other sources

Needle and Syringe Programs - Australian National Council on Drugs  October 2013  

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