The Anchorage Statement 2017

The Anchorage Statement has been prepared by Indigenous peoples globally who attended the 2nd World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Viral Hepatitis held in Anchorage Alaska in August 2017. The Anchorage Statement sets out the aspirations of Indigenous peoples globally in ensuring that they are not a population left behind in global efforts to eliminate viral hepatitis by the year 2030. 

The statement is timely for Australia as the Commonwealth Government are embarking on the development of a new set of national strategies addressing viral hepatitis, HIV and STIs and the 5th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander STI and BBV Strategy.  We ask youconsider the actions and principles embedded in the Anchorage Statement and hope you or your organisation can contribute to the global efforts of elimination of viral hepatitis.

Hepatitis Australia would like to thank Minister Ken Wyatt for providing scholarship funding that supported eight Indigenous Australians to attend the conference.