Speaking out about access to hep C medicines.

The voice of the community can be powerful and Hepatitis Australia is calling on people living with, or affected by hepatitis C (HCV) to ‘Speak Out’ about their experiences. In particular, about how the current delay in access to the latest medicines is affecting them and what a cure will mean to them.

Australians have been waiting too long to have affordable access to the new, highly effective medicines that can cure hepatitis C for most people in as little as twelve weeks.

‘Speak Out’ is an online space just launched for people to tell and share their story with others. Hepatitis Australia will place quotes from the stories on their website as well as collate the stories to send a message to the government and pharmaceutical companies showing why access to the new medicines is so important.

Whether you are living with HCV, or you have a friend or loved one with HCV, Hepatitis Australia is keen to hear from you.

People who contribute are asked to respond to two key themes:

  • How the wait for new, affordable treatments for hepatitis C is impacting on them or their loved ones; and
  • How access to the new treatments, or a cure for hepatitis C will make a difference for them or their loved ones.

Due to unwarranted stigma about HCV, privacy is very important for many people living with the virus.  Contributors will only be asked for limited information with only their first name and state being posted with the quotes. (eg. Jane in NSW).

Contributors are also offered the option to provide further information and potentially work with hepatitis organisations to tell their story to the media.


To tell your story, just visit hepatitisaustralia.com/speakout and click on the link.