Hepatitis C Inquiry - Day two commences.

The first of two roundtable meetings for the Parliamentary Inquiry into Hepatitis C in Australia commenced yesterday in Melbourne. Day two of the roundtables has commenced in Sydney this morning. You can listen live at http://www.aph.gov.au/live.

In the meeting yesterday there was a significant focus on access to the new generation treatments and how this can be a 'game changer' for the hepatitis C epidemic.  This also highlighted the costs and cost effectiveness of scaling up access to new treatments. 

It's never too expensive to deny a cure to anybody, Melanie Eagle, CEO of Hepatitis Victoria pointed out. "Even with these costly new drugs... even as expensive as they are, and as challenging as it to the health budget... [and] expensive as they will be initially, they provide the opportunity for a future cure which provides fantastic savings downstream and must be invested in." (Source: Pharma in Focus news article).

Today sees the key research centres, government spokespeople and again, the vital voice of community members.

Hepatitis Australia is currently working on some information sheets to assist the community in providing personal submissions to the Inquiry. You can also contact you State and Territory hepatitis organisation by calling 1300 437 222.