The Motivate C project aims to find out how to encourage as many people with hep C as possible to initiate treatment. Vouchers and cash payments have already been used effectively to reward or encourage some health behaviours, like giving up smoking. For people with untreated hep C, the Motivate-C project aims to work out if the offer of a cash reward increases uptake of treatment.

To provide a community perspective on the research activities across the Motivate C Project, a reference group will be established. 

The Reference Group will provide or facilitate:

  • Consumer and community perspectives on research activities across the Motivate C project
  • Advice and support on research applications and plain language summaries
  • Links between consumers, the community, and researchers on the Motivate C project
  • Advocacy on behalf of consumers and the community where appropriate
  • Input into strategies to inform the wider community about the Motivate C project

The University of Sydney is leading this project with input from researchers, healthcare providers and experts in the hep C field. Funding for the project is provided by the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund.

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