Making a submission and your privacy.

Format of your submission.

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A submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Hepatitis C in Australia may be as short or as long as you like. It may contain facts, opinions, arguments or recommendations. 

While there is no prescribed format it would be useful to align your comments with the ‘terms of reference’ for the Inquiry.  The preferred lodgement method is online through the Inquiry website but submissions can also be emailed or sent via post. If lodging a hardcopy document please type or write clearly in black ink on A4 paper.

You may decide to cover all the points in the terms of reference or only some of them, depending on what is of particular interest to you.  Supporting documents can also be attached. If your submission is longer than a few pages it would be useful to include a summary at the front.

Your Privacy

The Inquiry prefers the Committee process to be as transparent as possible. You are required to provide your name and contact details so the Committee can verify submissions if required.

Committees usually publish the name of the person making the submission but they take care not to publish the person’s contact details on the Internet. You can make a confidential submission if you have a concern about having your name published on the Internet, but you must make this clear from the start.

To help maintain your privacy you should ensure the actual submission document or documents you create do not contain your contact details and check the document properties for identifying information.

Things to note:

  • If you are making a submission by post you will need to include your contact information. If you wish your submission to be confidential then include this in a covering note and state why your confidentiality is important to you.
  • A submission to the Inquiry becomes a Committee document, and must not be disclosed to any other person before the Committee has published it.
  • Unless you have requested that your submission remain confidential, it is normally published after the Committee has received and examined it and authorised its publication. 
  • Once released, a submission and subsequent publication of it are protected by parliamentary privilege.   For more information refer to the Governments full information sheet. A copy is available through our website link below.
  • If your submission 'reflects adversely' on another person (for example, accusing them of lying or corrupt behaviour), the committee will send the comment to the other person so they can reply. This applies even if the Committee agrees to keep your submission confidential.
  • If you make a submission, the Committee may invite you to give evidence at a public hearing, if more are scheduled.
  • The Committee may reject a submission that is not relevant to its Inquiry. In that case the content of the submission is not protected by parliamentary privilege.

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