Conducted through 2016 to 2018, the Hepatitis B Community Education Project grants program provided funding for forty community-based education projects around Australia to raise awareness about hepatitis B testing and treatment. This was made possible through funding provided to Hepatitis Australia by The Australian Government Department of Health.  This was the first significant investment in the community level response to Hepatitis B in Australia.

The Hepatitis B Community Project established a framework for administering national funds to state and territory based hepatitis organisations.  The outcomes of the 40 projects is currently being evaluated. In addition, Hepatitis Australia is currently undertaking an audit of the information materials produced by the 40 community education projects to establish what materials could be considered for further development or for translation into other languages.  In conjunction with this Hepatitis Australia has established the Hepatitis B Educators Network to encourage the sharing of skills and knowledge across the country.  

This Project was funded until 30 June 2019

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Page updated 21 October 2019