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Federal Election 2013

Australia votes on Saturday 7th September 2013. Ahead of the Election, Hepatitis Australia has written to Australia's Federal politicians standing for Election to Parliment. We have provided them with a copy of 'Viral Hepatitis in Australia - Turning Policy into Action". The following letter has been sent to the leaders of each of the major political parties asking them to outline their position on viral hepatitis in Australia. Their individual responses will be made available here on our website as soon as possible.


Election 2013: Viral Hepatitis in Australia – Turning Policy into Action

Thank you for taking the time to read this correspondence. Attached you will find a copy of the Hepatitis Australia advocacy document titled ‘Viral Hepatitis in Australia – Turning Policy into Action, Federal Election 2013’.

In 2011 there were 209,000 Australians living with hepatitis B and 226,700 living with hepatitis C. Viral hepatitis is the leading cause of liver transplants and primary liver cancer is the fastest increasing cause of cancer related deaths in Australia. The vast majority of primary liver cancer is attributable to complications of chronic hepatitis B or chronic hepatitis C infections.

Hepatitis Australia believes more must be done to respond to and mitigate the increasing human and economic burden of viral hepatitis in Australia. In Australia we have good policy approaches to blood borne and sexually transmitted infections. However, there are significant gaps in the implementation of some policies. Wise investment now will reap benefits into the future.

The enclosed document outlines how the National Strategy for Hepatitis B and the National Strategy for Hepatitis C can be more effectively implemented. The recommended actions take into account emerging issues that will become prominent in the term of the next elected Australian Government. Hepatitis Australia believes all political parties should adopt the recommendations we put forward. 

Ahead of the 2013 Federal Election, we ask that your party provide a response to the attached document and outline your party’s policy position in relation to viral hepatitis in Australia.  The responses of all parties will be made accessible to our constituents via the Hepatitis Australia website.

Hepatitis Australia


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