Health Promotion Conference 2013 - Presentations

Day 1 


Engaging and educating youth about viral hepatitis within educational settings

Isabella Natale: Hepatitis C education in a VCAL setting - Click here (PDF 588KB)

Debbie Nguyen: Youth as agents of change - Click  here (PDF 2.4MB)

Shannon Wright & Nicole Taylor: Clean Mods, Safe Bods: Enabling hepatitis C education in high schools - Click here (PDF 1.1MB)


Barriers and enablers: Engaging with people in custodial settings to raise awareness of viral hepatitis

Bruce Cherry: Drawing them in - a story about health promotion in storylines - Click here (PDF 1.9MB)

Marg Sutherland: Sustainably growing hepatitis education in custodial settings - Click here (PDF 331KB)

Marg Sutherland: Koori Prison Outreach Project; Dame Phyllis Frost Centre (Melbourne Women's Prison) - Click here (PDF 433KB) 


Barriers and enablers: Engaging with priority populations around hepatitis B 

Dr Miriam Levy: The hepatitis B bear: Novel patient orientated information enhances patient understandings of the phases of hepatitis B - Click here (PDF 1.4MB) 

Louise Maher: The Jade Fan Project: Be aware, be tested, be immunised - Click here (PDF 2.5MB) 

Mamta Porwal: Hepatitis B Positive Program - utilising the health behaviour framework in community engagement to change behaviours - Click here (PDF 1.7MB) 


Barriers and enablers: Engaging and educating young people about viral hepatitis 

Belinda  Marchesiello: Links-to-learning hepatitis C workshops two years on: evolving needs of young people in schools and other settings - Click here (PDF 825KB)

Hannah Wilson: Exploring the potential role of tattooists in delivering harm reduction information to at-risk clients - Click here (PDF 253KB) 

Shae Clayton-Freedman & Peter Middleton: NSW Going Viral - Click here (PDF 998KB)


Barriers and enablers: Engaging with harder to reach and emerging populations who are living with, or at risk of viral hepatitis

Gabrielle Bennett: The hepatitis B story - the development of a resource for health workers to use in discussion with clients who have low health literacy - Click here (PDF 416KB) 

Lana Pocock: Education without limitation and the use of Telehealth - Click here (PDF 1.2MB) 

Garry Sattell: HIV/HCV co-infections - a collaborative response - Click here (PDF 403KB)


Day 2 


Stigma and discrimination: How do we break through this barrier to empower individuals and create supportive environments? 

Debbie Nguyen: 'Chnage of our lives' - a Vietnamese community film to reduce hepatitis B stigma and discrimination - Click here (PDF 4.9MB)

Pamela Wood: HepC Australasia - breaking through the barriers - Click here (PDF 2.3MB)

David Pieper: Harnessing community advocacy to tackle hep C stigma and discrimination - Click here (PDF 2.5MB)


Barriers and enablers: Engaging and working with CALD communities 

Marina Suarez: Multilingual resources; what's the big deal? Just translate an English one! - Click here (PDF 848KB) 

Eliisa Fok: Culturally appropriate health promotion - building the evidence base - Click here (PDF 955KB)

Mina Kim: Successes and challenges in working with the Korean community in Sydney - Click here (PDF 2.4MB)

Evelyn Thwe Thwe Win Pe: Educating Burmese refugees about viral hepatitis - Click here (PDF 1.3MB)


Barriers and enablers: Engaging and working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People about viral hepatitis

Natalie Beckett: Illawarra & Shoalhaven healthy liver program - Increasing access to hepatitis C services for Aboriginal people in regional NSW - Click here (PDF 827KB)

Lisa Panton: Your mob my mob our mob - Click here (PDF 720KB) 

Peter Waples-Crowe & Garry Irving: Yarning about viral hepatitis in Victorian Aboriginal communities - a partnership approach - Click here (PDF 764KB) 


Successful health promotion projects on a shoestring (projects under 12k)

Jodie Walton: Outreach without a budget - homelessness interventions - Click here (PDF 1.9MB)

Louise Maher: Deadly liver mob project - maximizing, upsizing and incentivizing - how to get the biggest bang for your buck - Click here (PDF 1.5MB) 


Identifying and addressing viral hepatitis treatment barriers 

Leah Higgins: Reaching out: reducing barriers to accessing monitoring and treatment for harder-to-reach population in the community - Click here (PDF 990KB)


Art and storytelling: Utilising creative strategies to overcome engagement barriers and raise awareness of viral hepatitis 

Isabella Natale: Street Shot photography competition - Click here (PDF 1.3MB) 

Sharon Murphy: Mainstreaming hepatitis health promotion: resilience - an art and storytelling exhibition - Click here  (PDF 2.4MB)


Overcoming the barriers to successful engagement with people who inject drugs and initiatives that contribute to their health and wellbeing

Carla Calvete: Small space for big ideas; promising results for people who inject drugs - Click here (PDF 1.3MB)


Page updated: 9 December 2013