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The Hep C Handbook (Aug 2016)
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Liver assessment fact sheet.

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This fact sheet highlights the importance of regular liver check-ups for people at risk, and living with viral hepatitis. 


 English   Download Now    (PDF 1.0MB)

English  Download Now  (PDF 1.0MB)

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Chinese  Download Now  (PDF 1.0MB) 

  Arabic    Download Now      (PDF 1.0MB) 

Arabic  Download Now  (PDF 1.0MB) 

  Vietnamese    Download Now      (PDF 1.0MB) 

Vietnamese  Download Now  (PDF 1.0MB) 

Life, Treatment, Hep C and Me  Download Now (PDF 1.5MB) 

The book illustrates the lived experiences of 12 people with hepatitis C, and includes honest accounts of their experiences with conventional hepatitis C treatment. 

12 Questions to ask your GP about Hepatitis B Download Now (PDF 1.0MB)

Hepatitis Australia has compiled a list of 12 questions to ask your GP about both hepatitis B.

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