Sharing your personal journey and experience of hepatitis B or hepatitis C can be confronting but also rewarding and empowering. Your story can also be helpful to others in learning more about hepatitis or knowing that someone else has a similar experience.

Many people don't feel comfortable in discussing their hepatitis due to the unwarranted stigmas that continue in society. Personal stories help challenge this by making it real and relatable.

Preparing your story

If you feel ready to share your story there are a couple of things to consider:

  • try writing a draft and read over it a few times
  • keep it to the point and relevant (aim for one A4 page)
  • it is important not to name particular medical professionals, clinics or hospitals
  • it is important not to mention other people by name unless they have given you permission.
  • be honest, even if it is a bit confronting for others
  • any photos of you must include only you or others must not be recognisable.

Your privacy

We understand that some people may want to share their story but don't want to be identified.  We can work with you on this but we will need to discuss this directly with you. Once we have done this and confirmed your story we can publish it using an alternative name.  

Sending in your story

When you are ready you can send you story to us via email.  We will read through your story and let you know if we need to edit it in any way. Once approved for publication we will let you know and send you the website link where it is posted.

What we will need from you is:

  • an email from you with your written story
  • a clear statement that you are happy for your story to go on the Hepatitis Australia website.
  • a photo of you or something that is representative of you or your story

If you have any questions about sharing your story or would like to send in your story you can also send us an email.

Send us an email

Page updated 7 June 2019